From 25-02-2023

Last year I received  several requests if it was a possible to put recordings from my collection on USB stick. The last months i put  a lot of work in this, together with my son. So I think it will work.I see 2023 as a trial year to look if it work and if there is enough interesting. I will start with a maximum of 10 items(=DVDs)on USB. For the small amount of 4 € for each item( which is normal on a DVD) i can put the recording on USB-stick. 

Because I want to start this slowly I propose the following method; 

  1. I provide USB stick of myself and send it in a small air cushion envelope, cost of USB stick and sending is approx. € 12,50. After recording the items, the USB stick with the recordings goes to you by mail. The USB stick is then ofcourse your property. 
  1. You send me in a a small air-cushion envelope (bubbles) a USB-Stick with sufficient capacity(minimum 32 GB, see example on the website)   After recording the items, the USB stick returns in the envelope you sent me. 

So if you are interested in USB stick recordings please let me know.For information send me a mail.